EleTrek Technology
EleTrek Technology Headquarted in beautiful beach city Shenzhen, South of China. 

Here is some information about the company:


www.eletrekusb.com  www.eletrekusb.com www.eletrekusb.com         
  www.eletrekusb.com www.eletrekusb.com


Our factory covers an area of 1500 ㎡ (one floor), equipped with serials of advanced production facilities.  

    ISO9001: 2008 quality control standards and ISO14001
    enviroment management systems are carried out.  To
    highlight, to ensure the customers could get high quality
    products, from IQC (Incoming Materials Quality Control)
    to QCP (Quality Control in Production) to  QA (Quality
    Approval after production but before packaging), we keep
    strict quality control procedures. 


www.eletrekusb.com   www.eletrekusb.com   www.eletrekusb.com
                       IQC                                           Assembling Lines                                 Printing House

www.eletrekusb.com   www.eletrekusb.com   www.eletrekusb.com

               Quality Approval                                   Warehouse                                          Loading


Welcome to our company for a visit, and for a face to face discussion!

Eletrek Technology was registered by China Government and Hong Kong Government.  If you have any
questions on our company, please feel free to drop us an email at info@eletrekusb.com.   Our staff will
answer all your concerns.  Meanwhile, we are willing to provide legal documents (only) to the potential