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Quick Overview
Product :Zippo Flameless Windproof Lighter
Model No. :EL-HY04
Materials :Full Metal
Size (cm) :58*40*15mm
Ignite Way :Single ARC
Strike Way :Pressing
Colors :Black/Golden/Blue/Silver
Warranty :1 Year / 12 Months
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What is ARC?  ARC is an electric current passing across a space between two terminals. It is widely

used in lighting and soldering industry, for it is a kind of clean and high efficient power source.  

How EleTrek lighters are relaetd to ARC?  

As it shows, there are 2 electrical terninals (electrodes) with the lighter.  When the lighter button

pressed, it enerated plasma arc immediately, the cigarette or paper ignited.  There is no any flame

caused during the process, so there is not any polution, so we say it is ECO friendly lighter.

EL-HY04 follows the classic shape which is highly recognized by the markets. But the igniting way

is absolutely different.  When the cover is opened, there is a sharp sound caused, bringing you the

nforgettable hearing experience. 


How to use it? 

Simply place the end of the cigarette between the arcs at an angle and twist it to light the end evenly. 

It will not take no more than 2 seconds to have the cigarette end fully ablaze.

How to charge it, shall I need to fulfill it with any butane or oil?

Absolutely no need. There is rechargeable battery built in (like the smart phones). When the battery

is used up, what we need to do is just charge it with an USB Cable, via devices at your hand, desktop,

laptop, power banks, AC-DC Adaptors ... Extremely simple, awesome! 


Some notes from the users:

+ It looks and feels great; it has a little lip on the edge to easily flip open the top

+ Charging port has a Red/Green LED to show charging status, only on while charging

+ Light cigarettes easily, but you need to work it a little


General  Information

Product Name Zippo Flameless Windproof Lighter (Single ARC)
 Model No. by EleTrek


 Branding EleTrek, Neutral or OEM (based on order volume 50+pcs) 




75g (w/o box), 140g (w box)

 Material (s)

Full Metal   
 Unit Size 58(L) X 40(W) X 15 (H) CM   
 Package & Size Giftbox Package, 10(L) X 9.5(W) X 2.5(H) CM
 Quant'y/Carton 100pcs / Carton
 Standards CE, FCC, RoHS Compliant
Technical  Specifications
Igniting Way Single ARC
Charging Way Via polymer rechargeable battery built in, Input 5V
Built In Battery Capacity 220mAh
Protections   Over charging /  Over discharging / Short Circuit protections
Charging Time   2-2.5 hours   
Discharging Time  Strike 80-100 cigarettes 
Standby Time 10-12 days  





Small Minimum Order Quantity

To get a customized item from EleTrek is obtainable. We accept a small order volume to encourage you to start. To highlight, our MOQ for USB Flash Drives is only 20-50 pcs while for power banks it is 50 pcs.


For different products or models, we provide warranty periods between 12-36 months.

Fast Delivery

It only take 1 day for an electronic sample (mock-up) or 2 days for a sample. Mass production as fast as 3-4 working days. We use international couriers like DHL, UPS, FeDex to ensure fast deliveries.

Payment Methods

To make your purchase easy , we accept different payment ways like Western Union, Paypal, Telex Transfer as well as cash.

How to order ?
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Do you have any questions, or want to get the pricing/free sample? Please send us a message, our sales team will get in touch with you within 24 hours! (* are required):